Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

News of the Weird


Friday, November 1, 201311/01/2013

Baseball Game Played In Halloween Costumes!

Baseball Game Played In Halloween Costumes!


Thursday, October 31, 201310/31/2013

Beer Helicopter Competition

Beer Helicopter Competition


Wednesday, October 30, 201310/30/2013

“The Munsters” Home in Texas

“The Munsters” home in Texas

Tuesday, October 29, 201310/29/2013

Interview with Louise Harrison

In News of the Weird

Sister of the late George Harrison of the Beatles


Tuesday, October 29, 201310/29/2013

Twinkie Eatting Championships

Twinkie Eatting Championship


Monday, October 28, 201310/28/2013

Bra for Men!

Bra for Men!


Friday, October 25, 201310/25/2013

Hamburger Museum

Hamburger Museum


Thursday, October 24, 201310/24/2013

Man wants to be a Dog

Man wants to be a dog


Wednesday, October 23, 201310/23/2013

Underwear that covers up bad odor

Underwear that covers up bad odor


Tuesday, October 22, 201310/22/2013

Man Knits Scarf While Running A Marathon

Man Knits Scarf While Running A Marathon

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About Chris Johnson

I grew up in Salem and have spent most of my life in this great state of South Dakota. I have 2 sisters, one who lives in Salem, and the other lives in Austin Texas.

I spent my first year in radio in Sioux Falls before moving out to South Bend, Indiana for 8 years. I’ve been back home since 2004 and have been proud to be the Program Director for Kool 98 ever since. There’s nothing I enjoy more than entertaining you during the morning show. And I am very grateful to all of you who make Kool 98 a part of your day.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, playing basketball, baseball, bowling, going to concerts, attending sporting events, and of course, listening to Kool 98. I also have 3 spoiled cats at home, and am proud to be a part of Mitchell Animal Rescue.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests, feel free to e-mail me at

Also, If you're looking for a DJ for a wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary party, or any other occasion, I’d be happy to bring the Kool 98 Sound System out to your special event! Just send me an E-mail, or call 996-1100 for pricing and available dates.